Here are some testimonials from satisfied clients:

“Russ has changed my outlook on life and my approach to fitness. While I have lost a lot of weight working with him, I no longer think about the scale. I feel better, look better, and am living better.” ~ Marie C

“I have been a training client of Russ Shadron for the last year. Based on my experience training under Russ he has brought my health and fitness lifestyle to a whole new level.  He is a focused and hard working trainer who takes the time to mix up our routine every time while getting the same end results.  He has an amazing ability to know just how far he is able to push me and takes my workout just beyond my limits so that every workout with him is a challenge.  In my opinion it’s an hour well spent.” ~ Jenn A

“I would strongly like to recommend Russ Shadron as a personal trainer. He gives praise to the phrase “STOP MAKING EXCUSES”. He has honestly whipped my butt in gear over the last 10 months with difficult but attainable workouts and helped me attain my goals of losing 10lbs a month for 6 months straight.  Russ also helped me to believe in myself again by a strict regimen of diet and excercise. He does not have negative words in his vocabulary like “NO, NEVER, QUIT OR STOP” leaving goals and attainability to the relationship built between himself and the client.” ~ Kenna T

“I was resistant to try personal training but after a few sessions with Russ I was hooked.  He is committed to each client and does an outstanding job assessing the client’s weakness and develops a workout that will not only challenge the client but also makes it fun at the same time. I would look forward to training each week and also to the challenge of the workout.”~Leanne L

“Russ is one of the best trainers I have ever worked with. He makes you work, no doubt about it, but manages to do it by being persistently and steadily encouraging rather than yelling and berating. He makes you want to succeed for yourself and gives you the tools to do so; he kept my motivation going when I really wanted to quit and also somehow knew when I was really at my breaking point versus when I was really just whining and was always able to adapt to keep me going. I travel a lot for work, and he created plans I could follow in the hotel room or hotel gym, so that I could stay on track no matter where I was — plus he’s incredibly flexible in scheduling — I’m a morning person and so he would meet me at 5 AM 3 times a week…and I know he was just as flexible with his late night people too. If you really want to build a healthier lifestyle for yourself, Russ is the person to connect with — he will help you find the way!!”  ~Jennifer R.

“Russ is very passionate in all he does when working with his clients and he is always excited to see his clients succeed. He has been very attentive to my goals as a runner, and he created a personalized plan for me that has shown incredible results! He is  very patient, yet also challenges me to be my best and to always improve. I am impressed with the results I’ve seen, and I have never felt as strong or confident as I have working with Russ.” ~Angie R.

“Russ is the most dedicated, hard working and motivating trainer I have ever worked with. He helped me with my goals, helped me overcome my mental limits and became a friend. I had worked with many trainers in the past that were not into their work, distracted and not even interested in your goals. Russ was hands down the best and only personal trainer I have ever enjoyed working with. I’d train with him again if given the chance.” ~John P

“Russ pushes you, but guides you in your workouts. He has so much energy and passion for what he does, you feel it in your workouts. You will work harder than you have ever worked and feel so accomplished the second you leave. He is an amazing personal trainer.” ~Erin T

“Russ is literally my favorite trainer, and he takes training above and beyond, he thinks outside average training, makes workouts fun and challenging, he pushes you to a new level and he never lets you give up. Russ takes you outside makes group fitness expos and he is personal, so he is more of friend then a drill instructor, he cares !! Seriously favorite!!!” ~Jesse S

“Russ is everything a PT should be. He not only pushed me to do better, but he encouraged and inspired me to be better. Knowing his story and his consistently upbeat attitude helped instil a “don’t give up” attitude in me. Even tho I moved away, he still keeps encourages, challenges, and motivates me to keep getting fit. Even tho I sometimes dreaded walking into the gym, I never regretted a single minute, and usually really enjoyed it- even if I felt like jelly afterwards.” ~George P.