From Point A to Point B

When people complain about running, and the majority of you do, one of the most common things I hear is, “Running is so boring!!” Right now running is in a renaissance sweeping this great nation with new art, architecture, literature, and learning pertaining to running at every race expo in every major city. There is a rebirth of fitness that has more runners than ever before, making record breaking attendance in races from 26.2 to 13.1, 10k, 5K, whatever!!! Just makes it tougher for me to get into! Damn it, I digress.

Doesn’t matter what is going on in the world, you will still think running is boring. Ok, let’s see if we can get you out of that mindset. You need to get into the mindset of a runner. Your mindset right now is about you being bored because you are thinking one thing; how bored you are. That is not a question, that is what you are thinking. That is your entire thought process with each and every step you take. “How far have I gone? How much time has passed? How much longer I have to run? When can I stop? How BORED am I?” You look at your watch every minute, maybe sooner. That is all you think about. Ok maybe you think about a few things but basically this is what people who hate running end up doing. You make it agonizing!!

Turn your run into a story, a battle; it is an action/adventure movie!! You are on a quest, one that is imperative that you make it from point A to point B. It may wind through a city or along a trail. Who knows where it may lead with possible danger lurking around each corner. Just as Schwarzenegger in “Predator” had to make it through that jungle with that ugly alien chasing close behind him.  He had to keep his wits about him as he made it from point A to point B. I have seen runners go down hard in races.  I had a friend completely knock a guy into the air that had stopped in front of him during a race in Colorado Springs.  Another time in Chicago, there we were traveling in a tight pack, the 3:40 pace group, when we were attacked like a bomber squadron in WWII by some little German fighter. This skinny midget dropped in with elbows flying, it took quick thinking and fast footwork by me along with the rest of the pack to stay afloat or get trampled by 50,000 runners.  Like Tom Cruise crashing in “Days of Thunder”, one bad move is all it takes and your race is done.  Live or die, fight or flight, at this point you see yourself again like Cruise in “War of the Worlds” where everyone is running for their lives through the city in a mob of terror. Now you are the lead character! You are the one making it from point A to point B without being killed, captured, trampled, eaten, whatever. You need to construct a way to get there, you need to find a way, and you need to devise some system in your head to over come your opponent chasing you.

I have people drop me off on our way home from the gym 10-15 miles from my house and I find my way home. It is an adventure, different every time! I take roads, trails, along power lines, through prairie dog villages, along rivers, golf courses, state parks, sometimes end up making my own trails.  There I am like Stallone in “Rambo: First Blood” trying to escape through the woods as Brian Dennehy pursued him.  It is a game of survival, a test, a carefully crafted chess match. Your opponent? You! That little voice  inside you that wants to quit and is saying stop, saying you’re tired, saying you can’t do it.  All I hear is Schwarzenegger in “The Predator” shouting “RUN! GO! GET TO DA CHOPPA!”

Boring?!! Are you kidding me?!!

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